Body By Vi – A Working Weight Loss Story

For the past 7 months give or take I’ve been on the Body By Vi system.  I’m not one to buy into much fad or multi-level stuff; however, a dear trusted & respected relative, my Aunt Jenean said that she was on it and I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Well, I’m quite pleased to report that it has worked and continues to do so.  I’ve lost over 40 lbs. and am onto my third goal as my first two have already been achieved!

This has been an extremely easy regimen to follow and although I am not a big fan of sweets, as the mix has a sweet taste to it; however, the variety of how one can make their ‘shake’ gives anyone a lot of room in which to be creative.  I’ve stayed the course as far as how I do it…. I mix it with lemonade and frozen raspberries.  There are a ton of various recipes; however, I prefer same, same, same.  For a while after about the third month or so it appeared as if I was at one of those plateaus dieters often speak about.  I had no idea what to do and then spoke with someone that suggested following the regimen for 6 days and then having a ‘cheat’ day which would consist of no shakes and eating whatever.  This would sort of shock my system into getting back on track.  Well, the minute I started doing that I could see the pounds coming off.  Now, I follow the diet pretty religiously; however, I am happy to report that this diet does NOT rule my life.  If I want to eat or end up at a function, I do what I want.  I am not cavalier about this; however, I refuse to be fanatical to the point where the diet is running my life.  I recently had a funeral up north and ate whatever I wanted for the 3 days in which I was up there upon returning home I had seen a little weight gain, yet, I expected that.  I just picked up my old routine of 2 shakes during the day and dinner in the evening and I am already seeing those new pounds disappear.

I would highly recommend that anyone who has struggled with weight loss give this a whirl.  I would be delighted if you purchased through this url; however, it’s not imperative that you do.  I just get credit for your purchase.  I am not in the business to sell this and/or convince you to do this, yet, it has worked for me.

I’ve tried Herbalife in the past, Seattle Sutton’s and various other things and none of them really worked for me OR they were too expensive or confusing.  Body By Vi costs me $107 every 2 months and I’ve found that not only has my scale weight gone down, but so has my grocery bill!  I purchased a personal blender at Wal*Mart for $16 and have a secondary one that stays in the truck.  For me Body By Vi has worked famously.  I realize that everyone is different and if you cannot incorporate this into your life, it will probably not work for you; however, as far as sticking to something Body By Vi has been more than easy to be true to.

My initial goal was just to lose weight, any amount.  I was very unhappy with my weight and yet I was not experiencing a lot of the expected body-loathing type feelings.  I simply did not like the numbers on the scale.  When I first started Body By Vi I weighed in just under 200 lbs, for a person who stands 5’3” tall that’s NOT a good number.  My initial goal was to just lose weight.  Once that was quickly achieved, I then wanted to lose 30 lbs. now that I’ve passed that one, I am focused on getting under 150 so that when I go to the Doctor, they do not have to put the 150 bar up first before they start moving the smaller weight.  I am close; however, my trip up north put me about 10 lbs. heavier, yet, I am watching that go down fast & furiously now that I am back on my schedule.

I’ve felt a lot better in many ways after this weight loss and I am starting to focus on other areas where I could live a little healthier as well, such as quitting smoking.  This is something that I have thought of many times; however, never really put a lot of effort into it; however, as I start to feel better, I want to take better care of myself internally as well.  Plus cigarettes are simply not going to get cheaper anytime soon.  I’ve started with the gum, this is the first time I’ve tried an over-the-counter product; however, it’s been relatively easy thus far, but, I am doing my own little combination of smoking or gum.  I realize that this is probably NOT the best way in which to approach this; however, I’ve experienced someone going cold-turkey and well, let’s just say I do not want to behave as they did.  So, I am doing it another way.  Eventually I will want to move from the combination to the straight gum to nothing.  I am preparing my cigarette funeral… I will have enough cigarettes before hand, will pinpoint the day and then taper my cigarette use down day-by-day and increase my gum usage and then hopefully (fingers crossed) the transition will be a lot smoother.

I have set a third goal and that is to be under the 150 mark; however, I intend to set a fourth goal once the third one has been achieved and that is to get to 130 lbs. this is ideally where I would like to be; however, it’s something that I will do at a pace that is also healthy for me.  It’s funny how life can change your perspective, I can remember a time when I was a lot younger and the mere thought of weighing a 130 lbs. was a hideous nightmare; however, now it’s my 4th and final goal.

If you’d like more information or have a specific question, I would be more than happy to talk with you.  I am definitely not a distributor nor am I seeking to pound a sale into you; however, I thought it was important to share my story.  If you think you might want to try this, please consider purchasing ‘through’ me as it’s always nice to get a little benefit from something you enjoy doing.

I do know that if I do not follow this regimen routine, I will more than likely return to the weight I did not like… and so, like anything else, if you cannot commit, it’s probably not worth your money or effort.  But, I will say this the benefits and results far outweigh the sweet taste.  I am very happy about my progress and how easily Body By Vi has fit into my lifestyle and I strongly encourage anyone that has maybe not found their body’s best diet to give this a whirl… you may be VERY happy that you did.

Best of luck to all!